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What a wonderful experience. A chance to show my Guitarbike and entertain the children at the Shriners Hospital in San Francisco, CA.

The theme of my talk was "Follow Your Dream". I told them about one of my dreams of building and riding a guitar. How long does it take to make a dream come true. Well I must tell you that not all of our dreams come true.

When I was a child I strummed on my guitar and thought what if I become famous and make a lot of money and everybody liked me! That would be just fantastic. Of course that never happemed and I still strum on my guitar. So some of your dreams might never come true but that should never stop you from having a dream.

Since childhood I have always loved to strum on a guitar. There was something about the sounds that was soothing and when I lost myself in the music I forgot about any problems I might have had. Music is therapy music has a lot of power whether you are strumming a guitar or listening to it.

I told about riding across the USA from San Francisco to New York and about some of the people I met. In ending I told them never give up.

As you can see one of my dreams did come. Remember to always follow your dream.

album How did I get the idea of building a guitar? From an artists conception that was used on an album of motorcycle songs I wrote and recorded called Sing Out For Motorcycles. When I saw the album cover for the first time I thought I sure wish I had a guitar like that. That dream came true ten years later when I bought a motorcycle to build a guitar on. After a year of work and some help from my friends I rode my dream across the USA.


b book

Color Me

Click on the drawings at the left to download and print copy of the sheets the children at the Shriners Hospital received. Let your kids color them for fun.

Drawings by Leo Lambert

Bakersfield CA interview for TV.

tweetin - Back to top ............ May your motorcycle always start and your guitar stay in tune. Ray Nelson